So Far, So Good!

The #Detroit Pistons with a re-tooled roster from a year ago, have their long starving fans something to get excited about for this season.


Just one night after a rousing opening night victory at Atlanta, the #Pistons are 2-0 for the first time since the 2008-09 season. Even though it’s only two games into the season, it is clear that this year’s team will be more entertaining and competitive that the previous versions.

Source: Detroit 92, Utah 87: Pistons hold on in home opener, improve to 2-0

The last time the Detroit Pistons were two games over .500 was March 13, 2009 — when an overtime victory at Toronto gave them a 33-31 record.That was the also the day that owner Bill Davidson died.It speaks to how far this three-time NBA champion has fallen in the last six years. It also speaks to how important a 2-0 start could be psychologically for a franchise desperate to reconnect with a basketball audience that basically has treated #Auburn Hills as though it were NBA Siberia.

Source: Signs of life? After six bad seasons, Pistons enjoying great start