It’s time for Martha Ford to sell the Detroit Lions

Mrs. Ford, it’s time.Time to sell this team to someone who isn’t afraid to rip the organization apart.It’s not your fault. I’m told you are an energetic, tough woman who holds people accountable. That’s great, but turning this franchise around is a lot to ask of a rookie owner. You should be enjoying your life, not stressing over an embarrassing football team.The Detroit Lions are pathetic, and there is no hope in sight. The 45-10 loss in London was just the latest disaster. This team seems more hopeless than the one that went winless in 2008. It’s pretty obvious by their performance on the field that the players are disheartened and the firing of three coaches only caused more chaos.

Source: It’s time for Martha Ford to sell the Detroit Lions

The Ford family has owned this team for over 50 years and there has been no NFL championship to speak of or a consistent contender for a championship during that time span. Consider this, the Lions were a NFL power during the 1950’s, playing in four championship games, winning in 1952 and 1953, losing in 1954 and winning again in 1957. That’s three championships in six years! They had a Hall of Fame quarterback in Bobby Layne during that time, but after he was injured in the championship season of 1957, the team thought he was done as a player and traded him to Pittsburgh. Layne said as he was leaving town that the Lions “would not win for 50 years”. How prophetic his words have turned out to be as the Lions have won only one playoff game since then; beating the Dallas Cowboys in 1991. This drought has been called the “Curse of Bobby Layne”. Few could argue that point since the Lions haven’t won consistently and haven’t had a winning quarterback since Layne. I don’t believe there any more loyal fans of pro sports team than the Lions. The fans here have clamored for a winning team it seems for a lifetime. I think it’s time to reward those loyal fans with a winner. Fans have already started to wear bags over their heads in protest, next thing to happen will be invisible fans in the seats at Ford Field.




Window Has Closed


The #Kansas City Royals are the new Major League Baseball  champions tonight after winning the World Series in five games over the New York Mets. In the aftermath of Kansas City’s moment in the sun, I have to think about our #Detroit Tigers. The Tigers have been #contenders every year for about the last five years or so. With the talent they had during that time period, they should have one at least one or maybe two championships. In pro sports, the window of opportunity only stays open for so long and if you don’t capitalize on it, you lose out and that window closes. That window has closed on our Tigers and it’s too bad because I would have loved to see guys like Cabrera, Verlander, Fielder, Porcello, Martinez win a ring. So, with their dismal showing this past season, it’s back to square one.