MLB: Does Justin Upton Make the Tigers the AL Central Favorites?

With Justin Upton in the lineup and better pitching, the Tigers will compete for a wild card. Do they have any shot at the division?


Source: MLB: Does Justin Upton Make the Tigers the AL Central Favorites?

Upton strengthens an already potent lineup for the Tigers and solidifies the left field position in the outfield. What will tell the tale for Detroit this summer will be how well the pitching staff performs (both starting pitching and the bullpen).  With spring training starting next month, there is optimism in Detroit that the Tigers will make the postseason playoffs.



As I was reading an article about the NBA, my thoughts went to a player that we may never see the likes of again. That player in Wilt Chamberlain, sometimes commonly referred to as “The Dipper”.  Chamberlain stood 7 feet 1 inch and weighed anywhere between 275 and 285 pounds for most of his career and presented an imposing presence on the court that had never been seen during that time period. Chamberlain’s career is loaded with numerous league records in scoring and rebounding. He is the only player ever to score 100 points in a single game and score over 4,000 points and collect 2,000 rebounds in a single season. The year he scored the 100 points in a game, he averaged 50.4 points per game. He also had an interesting statistic in the fact that in his 14 seasons in the NBA, he never fouled out of game; neither regular season or playoff. I believe with his skills, he would be a dominating player at the center position in todays’ game.