Going Forward

With the end of the season for the Detroit Pistons, the look is to next year and what lies ahead for the team. The Pistons made the playoffs this year, thus ending the longest drought in the Eastern Conference of not playing in the post season. Although they were swept by the Cavaliers, the future is promising for the Pistons. The core of the team is young and talented, led by All-Star center, Andre Drummond and point guard Reggie Jackson.

The major improvement that must be made for the team to progress further in the free throw shooting of Drummond. In a season where he shot a league-worst 35.5% from the free throw line, Andre Drummond’s head coach says that the All-Star is thinking about shooting under-handed, amongst other possibilities next season. It is demoralizing for the team if their best player can’t be on the court during winning time if he can’t shoot free throws. He becomes a liability and the team is weaker. This situation probably cost the team at least one, maybe two games in the playoffs.

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