Another Close One



#MSU survived another close game against Rutgers, pulling this one out with a little over 40 seconds left in the game. The team is clearly not playing consistent ball right now, barely beating  teams they should be dominating. The injuries are starting to pile up with Madre London, Darian Hicks and Jack Allen injured in the game. The team is starting to look like a mash unit. The coaches said prior to the start of the season that the depth on this team was a strength. Well, that is surely being put to the test with all the injured starters. At this point in the season, it looks like Michigan is the stronger team. They are improving each week and have plenty of motivation and momentum coming into the next Saturday’s game; not to mention the advantage of over 100,000 plus fans rooting for them at the Big House. We can only hope this is the week the Spartans will finally put a complete game together. They will need it to beat the Wolverines next Saturday. We will see!!!!