Another One Bites the Dust


Oh no!!! Could this be happening again? 0-16 again? The Lions are in serious trouble to start the season, 0-4. The season is pretty much down the tubes. Tonight was another loss on the road to Seattle. As bad as they played, they still had a chance to win the game against last year’s Super Bowl contestant. Only the Lions could lose it in the fashion that they did. I’ve seen this happen to Detroit Lion teams since I started following them when I was a kid and that was in the fall of 1962.

No teams makes the playoffs starting out 0-4. I put the blame right at the feet of Martin Mayhew. He has done an absolutely terrible job as a GM of improving this team after a playoff showing of last year. The offense is terrible. The big money makers (Stafford and Johnson) are doing what they can, but the O-line is not providing any protection for Stafford to connect with Johnson. This team is going to have go on a winning streak to make the season respectable. But, in the words of Jim Mora, “PLAYOFFS”, no way!!! THE LIONS ARE ON THE CLOCK!!