Spartans Limp Into Michigan Week


The injury bug continues to hit the Spartans after this week’s game with Rutgers. How many injuries can this team take? One of the top running backs is out (Madre London) with an ankle injury, as a result, the redshirt was taken off Delton Williams, which may a blessing in disguise. He is an experienced back and is itching to play. Jack Allen goes out as does Darian Hicks. These guys are very valuable players on this team; star players to be exact! What’s been very good in all of the injuries is that the team keeps winning. It doesn’t seem to matter how. They just seem to make the big play when needed to win the game. They’re not getting style points, but, at the end of the day a win is a win. It doesn’t matter if you win 10-9 or 60-0, a win is a win!! That bodes well as the season progresses in terms of the mindset. If you believe you can win no matter what, that makes a big difference.

Another Close One



#MSU survived another close game against Rutgers, pulling this one out with a little over 40 seconds left in the game. The team is clearly not playing consistent ball right now, barely beating  teams they should be dominating. The injuries are starting to pile up with Madre London, Darian Hicks and Jack Allen injured in the game. The team is starting to look like a mash unit. The coaches said prior to the start of the season that the depth on this team was a strength. Well, that is surely being put to the test with all the injured starters. At this point in the season, it looks like Michigan is the stronger team. They are improving each week and have plenty of motivation and momentum coming into the next Saturday’s game; not to mention the advantage of over 100,000 plus fans rooting for them at the Big House. We can only hope this is the week the Spartans will finally put a complete game together. They will need it to beat the Wolverines next Saturday. We will see!!!!

Spartan Mag


Jim Comparoni runs a very informative website, and magazine called SpartanMag. They both thoroughly cover Michigan State football and basketball. He has historically provided very enlightening insight into both sports programs. I have maintained a membership on the web for years as well as subscribing to the magazine. This is an absolute must for avid Spartan fans.

The Big 10 Season Debut


The Spartans start off the Big 10 season with a narrow win over a Purdue team that hung in the game and was in a postion to win.  Once again for the second week in a row, MSU lost key personnel due to injury. This time Dennis Finley, the left tackle who was starting in place of Jack Conklin, went out with a broken leg. This prompted a shuffling of the offensive line. Center Jack Allen moved to left tackle and Brian Allen moving from left guard to center. There is plenty of versatility on the O-line, but continuity is a must. The Spartans still churned out close to 300 yards rushing. Defensively, R.J. Williamson was lost for what looks like the remainder of the regular season with a torn bicep injury. He joins Davis and Copeland as starters on the defense lost for the year. The depth on this team will surely be tested as the season continues.

The thing that concerns me the most is the passing game should be more productive that what is being shown so far. It seems to me that the play calling gets real conservative late in games when the Spartans are trying to close games out. The third down play called  on the Spartan’s drive prior to their defensive stand was terrible. Why not go down the field  with a pass instead of a swing pass to the back to pick up 2 yards. That swing pass had no chance at all! If your fifth-year senior QB cannot complete a two-yard pass to keep a drive going, there is a problem. However, the defense made a stand to seal the game, so a win is a win as in the eternal words of Al Davis: “just win, baby”  In my book, this game was too close for comfort. Up 21-0, it should have been a cake walk.

The schedule will get a lot tougher in the weeks to come. The next game is at Rutgers and this should be an easy win, but the following week is the Michigan game in Ann Arbor. The question is “are the Spartans playing down to their competition”? or “are they overrated”? We will see!!!