Duncan Exits The Game As Quiet As He Entered

Somehow, you always knew it would happen like this. One day, we’d wake up and Timothy Theodore Duncan would be gone. Without taking a bow. Without making a peep……..Just the way he played.

Duncan, 40, retired from basketball Monday, with a press release that didn’t even include a quote. After five championships and 19 years of quietly, professionally and methodically carving out a resume as one of the best power forwards of all time, what else was there to say? In addition, all of his 19 years were with the Spurs.

Duncan always did his talking between the lines, and when he walked off the floor, he left it all there.

He was a gentle giant who was also fierce, yet never had the ego or inclination to let anybody know about it. He was a forever portrait of class and competitiveness that will never be replicated.

The inevitable end, which the Spurs always knew was coming but could never predict, finally arrived……….Great career, Tim!!!