Lions Need A House Cleaning


For a team that ended last season 11-5 and in the playoffs, this year was supposed to be a progression upward to better things. How and why has this team failed so badly this?  The answer lies at the feet of the man responsible for putting the team together: Martin Mayhew.

Why hasn’t this team won in more than half a century? The problems all stem from the front office. Be it Russ Thomas, Chuck Schmidt, Matt Millen and Mayhew, they all have lacked the ability to build a team. There have been some very good players during the time of these gentlemen, but not enough collectively to build a contending team on a consistent basis. None of these guys had a track record for building teams. The Lions have never went after an established GM or an assistant GM from a successful team. They have tried everything else from bean counters to broadcasters to former players and have come up empty and leaving their loyal fans disappointed and angry. Lets’s face it, the Lion fans deserve a winning team. The last NFL championship for the Lions was 1957.

Mayhew, the current man in charge, has been running the show since 2008. The Lions haven’t won a playoff game and have had a winning record just twice. Eight years is long enough for one to prove what  he can do. It’s time for a clean sweep of the front office starting with Mayhew. The Fords need to get a guy in the front office with a track record of building a successful, winning team that will contend every year.