Sharp: Michigan State should switch divisions to balance Big Ten

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Source: Sharp: Michigan State should switch divisions to balance Big Ten

sbn-b1gThere has been some talk of re-aligning the Big 10’s conference divisions for football for better balance. Consider this, the East division is top loaded with Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan and Penn State, while the West division’s top teams are Iowa and Wisconsin. This is clearly an imbalance. It was presumed that Nebraska would add balance when they were admitted in the Big 10, but that hasn’t happened. Looking at the map, geographically, the switch would be to move Purdue to the East and Michigan State to the West. This probably wouldn’t happen because it makes too much sense. This season, Iowa looks like it will run the table in the West without any opposition unless they do a major choke job.  In the East, it could be a dog fight not only this year, but in years to come with the four teams previously mentioned.