Oscar Robertson’s season-long Triple Double

In looking at photos of great NBA stars of the past, I was amazed at some of the numbers put up by one Oscar Robertson, “the Big O”.
The Triple Double is kind of an elusive stat, given that it can be made up of any three of the five primary offensive statistics in basketball. But however you define it, there’s no question who owns the title as the greatest Triple Double machine ever: Oscar Robertson. And if you need proof, there’s this crazy record which will never be equaled, let alone broken: in 1961-62, The Big O actually averaged a Triple Double for the entire season. His stats that year: 30.8 points per game, 12.5 rebounds per game, and 11.4 assists per game. Naturally, he also holds the career mark for Triple Doubles, with 181. We won’t see that again.

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Wilt Chamberlain

Looking at some of the NBA stars of the past, I think  of one of the games’ most dominate players, #Wilt Chamberlain. Many of todays young people did not have the pleasure of seeing him play. I looked at some the career accomplishments of Chamberlain and I’m amazed at the records he amassed over his career. He holds a numerous records in scoring and rebounding. He was also very durable during his playing days. He is the only player in the history of the NBA to average 40 and 50 points a game in a season as well as scoring 100 points in a game and scoring 4,000  points in a season.  In addition, he holds the record for grabbing 2,000 rebounds in a single season. One statistic that stands out is the fact that during  his 14 years in the NBA, he never fouled out of a game, regular season or play-off. In my opinion, Wilt is the greatest center to have ever played the game and I further believe he would dominate in todays’ game. He probably wouldn’t put it up the extraordinary numbers he did early in his career, but his talent and his presence would be dominating. I don’t believe we will ever see the likes of Wilt Chamberlain again.

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So Far, So Good!

The #Detroit Pistons with a re-tooled roster from a year ago, have their long starving fans something to get excited about for this season.


Just one night after a rousing opening night victory at Atlanta, the #Pistons are 2-0 for the first time since the 2008-09 season. Even though it’s only two games into the season, it is clear that this year’s team will be more entertaining and competitive that the previous versions.

Source: Detroit 92, Utah 87: Pistons hold on in home opener, improve to 2-0

The last time the Detroit Pistons were two games over .500 was March 13, 2009 — when an overtime victory at Toronto gave them a 33-31 record.That was the also the day that owner Bill Davidson died.It speaks to how far this three-time NBA champion has fallen in the last six years. It also speaks to how important a 2-0 start could be psychologically for a franchise desperate to reconnect with a basketball audience that basically has treated #Auburn Hills as though it were NBA Siberia.

Source: Signs of life? After six bad seasons, Pistons enjoying great start


Opening night


The Detroit Pistons currently are listed as number 17 in the power rankings of NBA teams. It’s anyone’s guess as to how the season will unfold for them. They could be on the verge of making the playoffs after seven straight losing seasons. An infusion of new blood gives Piston fans hope for an exciting season.

The Detroit Pistons like the potential of rookie Stanley Johnson, however when the regular season tips off, head coach Stan Van Gundy will bring him off the bench. From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press: “Van Gundy cited veteran presence and size as part of his reasoning for going with the 6-10 Ersan Ilyasova and 6-9 Marcus Morris. ‘I just think that’s our best lineup right now,’ Van Gundy said. ‘It gives a little bit more size, a little more experience. That’s where my comfort level is right now, but we’ll see how it goes early in the year, or even these (last) two preseason games.’ … Johnson, 19, was the eighth overall NBA draft pick out of Arizona and has excelled through summer league, training camp and part of the preseason. He is third in the NBA in preseason scoring (13.8 points per game) and is shooting an encouraging 44% from three-point range.”The rest of the starting lineup to begin the regular season include Reggie Jackson and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the backcourt and Andre Drummond at center.

Source: Report: Johnson likely to start as a reserve

Playoff Team??


With the 2015-16 NBA season about to start, the question is “will the Pistons make the playoffs”?  The initial reaction would be Jim Mora-like “PLAYOFFS”? The team has had seven straight losing seasons and they said good-bye to their lone skilled player in the post in Greg Monroe. This years’ edition of the Pistons has a lot of jump shooters and will be built around the pick and roll moves of center Andre Drummond and guard Reggie Jackson. It will be interesting to see if Drummond has expanded his game around the post. If so, then things will be easier for the jump shooters brought in such as Ersan Illyasova, Marcus Morris and Aron Baynes. Rookie Stanley Johnson looks like a “player” and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope looks to be improved, so I guess there is hope. Let’s hope they don’t start the season 5-23 like last year.