Celtics vs. Lakers

As I watched the show 30 for 30: Best of enemies, which highlighted the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers during the eighties. This rivalry was heightened even more so because of the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rivalry that began with the 1979 NCAA championship game between Bird’s Indiana State team and Johnson’s Michigan State team. These two were the best players in college basketball then and everything just stemmed over into the NBA when they both entered the league in the 1979-80 season.

The show presented in-depth the three years that the two teams played for the NBA title; 1984, 1985 and 1987. It was a very good program and worth watching again and again. I was always a Lakers fan going back to when the Lakers had Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor. I never was a Celtic fan, but I did respect the fact that they had Bill Russell back in the day and won all of those championships. This is a show that any basketball fan should watch.

The NBA Finals

It appears that the NBA Finals for this year will be Golden State against Cleveland, as both teams are dominating in their respective conference final series. The question comes to mind, is this a good thing for the league to have two teams so much above the rest of the league? I don’t think it’s a bad thing; it’s always been the survival of the fittest. The cream rises to the top. It’s no different from it was back in the day when it was the Lakers and Celtics every year (during the 80’s); when Magic and Bird were in their heyday. In those years you had some teams that rose up to challenge them. There was the Mavericks with Mark Aguirre and Rolando Blackmon; Phoenix with Kevin Johnson and Larry Nance; Portland with Clyde Drexler and Buck Williams; and Utah with John Stockton and Karl Malone. That’s four teams who challenged the Lakers every year. In the East, the Celtics were challenged by the Sixers with Dr. J, Moses Malone and Charles Barkley; Detroit had the Bad Boys led by Isiah Thomas and Bulls were up and coming with Michael Jordan. The point is those teams in that era had established stars that were capable of challenging both the Lakers and the Celtics and in some years winning it all.

This era of the NBA is not nearly as talented as the teams were during that time. I have said all along that the NBA is so watered down with players lacking the fundamentals, it’s made the league weak and not as interesting. Golden State and Cleveland just have the best thing going now. The other teams will have to up their game to get to that level. I hope the league does something about so many players entering the league not ready to play. It will make the league more exciting and more teams may have a legitimate chance to reach the level of the Warriors and the Cavs.

nba triple double – Google Search

Averaging a triple-double in a single season: Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati Royals) and Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) are the only players in NBA history to achieve this feat. During the 1961–62 season, Robertson averaged 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists per game.

Kudos should go out to Russell Westbrook for not only averaging a triple double for the season, but recording 42 triple doubles for the season, thus surpassing Robertson’s record of 41 set back in the 1961-1962 season. He is definitely in elite company.

Source: nba triple double – Google Search

The Detroit Pistons’ unforgettable moments at the Palace

Conceptualized and built in 1987-88, the Palace of Auburn Hills still is one of the best basketball venues in the NBA.Since it was built, another $141.5 million of upgrades have the building looking as vibrant and fan-friendly as the day it opened Aug. 13, 1988, when Sting performed to a packed house.

Since then, the Detroit Pistons and WNBA’s Detroit Shock have won championships in the building. Excited fans packed the joint while the Bad Boys and the Chauncey Billups-led Goin’ to Work teams ruled the Eastern Conference.

In 2009, the Pistons recorded their 259th consecutive sellout at the 22,076-seat facility — from Jan. 19, 2004 to Feb. 4, 2009.

Now it seems that the Pistons will move downtown to share the still-being-built Little Caesars Arena with the Detroit Red Wings. It would be hard to see them leave the Palace, but here’s a look back at some of the great Pistons events there:

Source: The Detroit Pistons’ unforgettable moments at the Palace

Oscar Robertson’s season-long Triple Double

In looking at photos of great NBA stars of the past, I was amazed at some of the numbers put up by one Oscar Robertson, “the Big O”.
The Triple Double is kind of an elusive stat, given that it can be made up of any three of the five primary offensive statistics in basketball. But however you define it, there’s no question who owns the title as the greatest Triple Double machine ever: Oscar Robertson. And if you need proof, there’s this crazy record which will never be equaled, let alone broken: in 1961-62, The Big O actually averaged a Triple Double for the entire season. His stats that year: 30.8 points per game, 12.5 rebounds per game, and 11.4 assists per game. Naturally, he also holds the career mark for Triple Doubles, with 181. We won’t see that again.

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Wilt Chamberlain

Looking at some of the NBA stars of the past, I think  of one of the games’ most dominate players, #Wilt Chamberlain. Many of todays young people did not have the pleasure of seeing him play. I looked at some the career accomplishments of Chamberlain and I’m amazed at the records he amassed over his career. He holds a numerous records in scoring and rebounding. He was also very durable during his playing days. He is the only player in the history of the NBA to average 40 and 50 points a game in a season as well as scoring 100 points in a game and scoring 4,000  points in a season.  In addition, he holds the record for grabbing 2,000 rebounds in a single season. One statistic that stands out is the fact that during  his 14 years in the NBA, he never fouled out of a game, regular season or play-off. In my opinion, Wilt is the greatest center to have ever played the game and I further believe he would dominate in todays’ game. He probably wouldn’t put it up the extraordinary numbers he did early in his career, but his talent and his presence would be dominating. I don’t believe we will ever see the likes of Wilt Chamberlain again.

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