Windsor: Don’t blame refs for Michigan State collapse at Nebraska

Yes, the officials blew the game-winning touchdown call, but the Spartans should’ve let Connor Cook win the game

Source: Windsor: Don’t blame refs for Michigan State collapse at Nebraska


The officials blew the call on the winning touchdown for Nebraska, but I put the blame for this loss on the Spartans. Nebraska should not have been in that position in the first place. The Spartans had the chance to run out the clock on their last possession, but the play calling was atrocious. You have a fifth-year senior QB who just happened to be the best player on the field, why not let him win or lose the game for you? A running play on first down for one yard, running play on second down, nothing; and on third down a reverse to the tight end? You’ve got to be kidding!!! I didn’t have a problem with the run on first down, but on second and third down, put your fate in the hands of your best player. If you’re going to go down, go down shooting your big gun!!!

What was most disturbing about this game for me was the #MSU defense. I mean they were terrible all night. They couldn’t tackle, couldn’t cover anybody and overall did not play inspired football. Where were the “#Spartan Dawgs”? If they play like this against Ohio State in Columbus, it will get ugly real fast!!! This is just not a championship caliber defense like the one we had two years ago. Nebraska amassed almost 500 total yards  of offense. They couldn’t stop the run, they had no pressure on Tommy Armstrong and couldn’t cover the receivers in a phone booth.  As a result of this loss, the Spartans can forget about the Big 10 championship. They may beat Maryland next week, but the game in Columbus is a loss. The season finale at home against Penn State will probably be a win since it will be “Senior Day”.