The Sports Flavor was started in October of 2015 as a place where readers can view and post their own comments on any sports topic of their choosing or “flavor”. I have been an avid sports fan for most of my life and I enjoy talking sports and exchanging views and information in the various sports arenas. My background in sports started in the state of Michigan. I grew up in Lansing, Michigan and I have always been a dedicated follower of the Michigan State Spartans and to some degree the Michigan Wolverines and all of the Detroit sports teams. So as a result, my blog contents may lean toward those teams as well as the Big Ten and MAC conferences due to my Michigan background. I now live in Memphis, TN  and I get the total  exposure to the sports climate here, which is more of a Southeast Conference and American Athletic Conference flavor due to fact it is in SEC country (Ole Miss is in close proximity to Memphis) and the local university here is the University of Memphis. This site is welcome to all to post any views and comments in the sports “flavor” of their choosing.