The Michigan State Spartans at 4-1 and 2-0 in BigTen play, find themselves in a position for fans to ask: are they contenders in one of the toughest divisions in college football? Coming fresh off a victory over in-state rival Michigan last Saturday, the Spartans have the opportunity to answer that question beginning this Saturday when they travel to Minnesota to play the Golden Gophers. We will see on Saturday if the Spartans can carry the momentum of their big win over Michigan into the rest of the season. They have three winnable games coming up against Minnesota, at home against Indiana and a road game with Northwestern before a big matchups against Penn State and Ohio State.

Almost no one outside the football complex at MSU figured the Spartans would be 4-1 at this point in the season. No one saw consecutive wins over Iowa and Michigan. Not with a team this young, though talented. Only five seniors played regular minutes against Michigan, and only two of them have started consistently this year.

The bulk of the starters were sophomores (10) and freshmen (three). Oh, and one redshirt freshmen. Here they are, prepping for Minnesota as the college football world begins to wonder what sort of team MSU can be. That happens when you beat a ranked team, which happens to be your in-state rival, at their place on national television in prime time. 

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