It appears that the NBA Finals for this year will be Golden State against Cleveland, as both teams are dominating in their respective conference final series. The question comes to mind, is this a good thing for the league to have two teams so much above the rest of the league? I don’t think it’s a bad thing; it’s always been the survival of the fittest. The cream rises to the top. It’s no different from it was back in the day when it was the Lakers and Celtics every year (during the 80’s); when Magic and Bird were in their heyday. In those years you had some teams that rose up to challenge them. There was the Mavericks with Mark Aguirre and Rolando Blackmon; Phoenix with Kevin Johnson and Larry Nance; Portland with Clyde Drexler and Buck Williams; and Utah with John Stockton and Karl Malone. That’s four teams who challenged the Lakers every year. In the East, the Celtics were challenged by the Sixers with Dr. J, Moses Malone and Charles Barkley; Detroit had the Bad Boys led by Isiah Thomas and Bulls were up and coming with Michael Jordan. The point is those teams in that era had established stars that were capable of challenging both the Lakers and the Celtics and in some years winning it all.

This era of the NBA is not nearly as talented as the teams were during that time. I have said all along that the NBA is so watered down with players lacking the fundamentals, it’s made the league weak and not as interesting. Golden State and Cleveland just have the best thing going now. The other teams will have to up their game to get to that level. I hope the league does something about so many players entering the league not ready to play. It will make the league more exciting and more teams may have a legitimate chance to reach the level of the Warriors and the Cavs.

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